Verizon Wants to Broadcast Video Over Broadband Network


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On the other hand Ivan Seidenberg, CEO of Verizon, has said that he thinks that broadcasters will keep their spectrum and that cable TV is in trouble (they just don't know it yet). --- dkreichen

This is what I think as well. In fact Networks now on Cable TV only may be scrambling for OTA subchannel and primary channel space.


There ain't enough bandwidth from DC to Daylight to satisfy the greed of the broadband industry, but Bitcher will say there is, even if we have to give up frequencies the Pentagon holds in check for emergency situations.

Why do we need TV in a cell phone? Answer is, WE DON"T. There are many who cannot drive safely now, and give them some other subject to distract them, and then you have murder on the highways so someone can watch Direc TV's NFL package on their Cell Phone.

My truck plows into a guardrail because the idiot driving beside me was watching a football game while driving at 80 MPH, and I was the unlucky one beside him when he veered over into my lane when his team scored a touch down.

Think this will not happen? you can be assured that it will at some point in time. Big business is running this country and making the laws to suit them, and it is being done through lobbyists. All lobbyists, and 99% of lawyers and politicians are on the take, and we the people always pay the price !! Verizon and the driver will be the first ones I sue !!