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This question is about "Very Frustrated with ATT", with DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports. Where should I begin:

My wireless goes out regularly which means my school-aged children. When it does I nor my children have cell or ATT phone service in case of an emergency- my cell phone service is poor at my home living near a federal park but luckily I have wifi calling on my phone.

Recently, 2 boxes stopped working (more in the past). I returned 1 late (my fault) and I was charged over $50+ for that.

I called to reduce the number of services and was basically harassed by the customer service person presented various packages and "deals", none of which served my needs. I got over that and was in the process of finalizing the order when the representative hung up on my before confirmation. I never got a call back. I received an email shortly after with an order I did not want nor confirmed. I then turned on my TV to see what service I did have, and the tv service was not working AT ALL. In chatting (again) with ATT tech, suddently the 1 box I have does not work- keep in mind this is a new cable box I received 3 weeks ago after having to return the broken box via UPS. Interesting that it was working before I changed my service yesterday. Now I have to return this new box and won't receive the newer box until tomorrow evening with no guarantee that it will work. I then have to take the broken box to the UPS store in time or I will incur more fees.

Long story short, I thought moving to ATT was of better benefit because the prices for the same service I had with TWC. In the end, it costs more as I had to incur costs that normally are covered by the company, especially when their equipment does not work. Insane.

So, I am left with the choice of going back to TWC which has a higher price but none of the fees for service, etc. that could increase my bill, or not have cable at all.

Anyone have suggestions? Frankly, I'm not sure if there is a solution to this beyond just cancelling my ATT service. This is the last straw for me. Now I understand ATT will acquire Time Warner Cable.... insane.

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"Now I understand ATT will acquire Time Warner Cable.... insane."
No. AT&T is in talks with acquiring Time Warner (the media company). Time Warner Cable was already acquired by Charter and they changed TWC's name to Spectrum.