Very slow in Los Angeles - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Very slow in Los Angeles", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Yes TWC has been very slow in Los Angeles for the past few days. On another forum I read that TWC knows about the issue so I haven't bothered calling them yet. Calling Tier 1 at TWC is like trying to explain calculus to a golden retriever. Yesterday evening was the first time all week it has been back to normal. SLOW again today - even slower than previously this week. I'm an IT consultant so I've run all the tests, removed any firewalls, antivirus, disconnected everything from modem turned off for 60 seconds, etc that the people at TWC will have you do. Tested on multiple machines directly attached to the modem with only 1 turned on at a time. The issue is with TWC. I have a number of clients in LA also with the same issue. My Zip is 90034

Very slow in Los Angeles?