Very Upset! - DirecTV

Dec. 1, 2016
I am very upset with my bill.!!! I've tried to get my bill lowered since we came off our bundle October, 2016. I spoke to a customer service rep. 2 weeks ago, and she told me the only thing they could do about our bill was to bring our home phone down $5.00. We set this plan up 1-year ago (Oct. 2015) and our bill went from $150.00 to $161.00 and now it's up to $231.59!!! When we booked this service, we were told it wouldn't be a problem to keep our bill around the same amount once we came off our bundle, we would just have to call in Oct. 2016 This $70.00 per/mos. increase is ABSURD and I would like something done about it! I have paid my past due balance today (231.59), but I would appreciate some adjustment to this bill and my current bill. I haven't been able to call back because we couldn't find our 4-digit pass code, and the day that I spoke with the cust. service rep. she was going to call me back the next day after 3 p.m. (since we never found our pass code), AND SHE NEVER DID! We then went on vacation last week for 10 days, but we never had any messages when we got home. This IS NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE! Please see what you can do for us?

Thank you,
Steve & Sally Brandt
4367 N. Hillcrest Cir.
Flint, MI 48506 (810) 736-4855

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