VHF antenna -- bidirectional in the horizontal plane

While a different antenna I thought quite interesting that this company would use an out of U.S. band peak gain in their marketing.
I thought channel 51 ended at 698 MHZ
Nothing unusual in that, surely. I see 860 Mhz at the top of the scale in many more ads than 698 or 700. When the company that designed and tested is out of the U.S., nobody is going to mess with their figures. Even a U.S. reseller is interested in sales to Canada and Mexico.

Did you see the thread where I sent an email to the tech department at MCM Electronics, and they clarified as follows?

Stellar Labs is actually a house brand of MCM Electronics. The product range includes a broad assortment of RF, A/V, prosound, wire and cable products, manufactured by many different OEM’s globally. The identities of those OEM’s are confidential ... the OEM that we use for outdoor antennas has their own engineering team and does a considerable amount of their own research. I am certain they manufacture products for a number of other companies, and likely do contract work for other manufacturers. They likely also have items sub contracted from other manufacturers. That being the case, often times you see multiple OEM’s supplying what seems to be the exact same product.
I don't think it's fair to paint MCM or Stellar Labs with the same brush as Lava et al. Practically every U.S. antenna manufacturer, with the possible exception of Winegard, has OEM partners in China. For example, the CM-4221HD -- made in Chine. And it looks like a piece of crap, IMO, compared to the shiny, sturdy Stellar Labs models.

Rick I agree with your last comments. Lava is where the claims and price tag get out of line. So far what I've read about the Stellar Labs and Solid Signal line of antennas has been very good. I just came across this site yesterday it wasn't what I was looking for.
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I looked around the site a bit. When I read The original UFO type outdoor TV antenna. I thought that's what they become when mounted out in the wind.
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OK, so what makes this: Long Range Amplified Outdoor Zeus Talos HDTV Antenna a VHF antenna [Quote: "Yes, this is a dual-band antenna and will pick up all the channels 2 - 69. (BEWARE...most others on eBay are not!)"],

while this: Stellar Labs HDTV 60 Mile Fringe Yagi Television Antenna | 30-2155 (302155) | Stellar Labs is not??

And why is one worth $70 and the other only worth $26? Is there any wonder people get frustrated and give up in their quest to cut the cable cord?

It has to be the original UFO type out door antenna. Not some cheap import copy. If I want to capture 50% more alien 4K UHD 3D space cadet signals then is possible with a green dish. Read the details on the Impulse Orca. I won't put the link up here again. There are some who may not understand that I did so the first time to expose what I consider to be scam marketing.
On the original question of bidirectional VHF gain most of the ideas I know of have been presented. A dipole or folded dipole is always a good starting place. Rabbit ears with each side extended about 15''. A full wave loop has a slight gain advantage over a dipole. In the real world it's not always enough to see a difference. With the radio back ground I have I know the debate of dipole, verses folded dipole, verses loops goes on and on. I have always liked loops. The next step up in bidirectional gain is the bow tie at VHF frequencies the size gets impractical for most applications. They were quite common here back in the 60s I still drive by one that is no longer in use. Photo 13 of 52, Hi-VHF Bowties
The link is to illustrate the size 33'' per side. The next step up in gain would be the double loops. I've already posted links to the rectangular, and the hour glass. The two designs I feel are the most practicle to build. I know of two more double loop VHF designs, but feel the ones I've posted are simpler. The simple way to get directional gain is to add a reflector. The CS-5 is a good example of this. Here are the only DIY links I have handy.
Hi-VHF Square Loop + Reflector
Hi-VHF Circular Loop + Reflector
I have seen other home brew VHF loop reflector antenna photos.

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