VHF digital vs UHF digital

which one has a better coverage area? 1 station in my area is going back to VHF high after analog is terminated.

I am afraid I might lose this station after they swap, right now I can recieve them good.
actually after reading their info on the FCC website it looks like they are going somewhere between 29.7kW which I believe is the maximum they are allowed to go on VHF high.

Their analog channel comes in pretty good for me already, have my fingers crossed.


The only vhf digital channel around here is WCPO 9 from out of Cincinnati and they're impossible to get. A few months back I was listening to WLW (Cincinnati) on the radio and people from Cincinnati were calling in and complaining that they couldn't pick up channel 9 either.

Channel 12 which is located in the same city plans to go back to vhf after the transition so we'll probably lose them also. That or channel 9 is just a big screw up.
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