VHF Hi problem antenna setup

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I have a channel master CM-4228-hd antenna on roof 25 ft above ground(the property is 800ft above the local valley floor and has clean LOS access to all desired stations except channel 10), 20 ft RG-6 cable to a PCT-MA1015-4PN distribution signal booster outputting to 3 tv’s each about 60 ft from booster. I receive all the stations I want except channel 10 (192mhz). I wanted to pull that in so I replaced my clearstream 2 with the channel master hoping the extra gain would pull it in. This has only given me very intermittent reception, the best reception I can get including channel 10 is when I aim the CM-4228 180 degrees from the strong stations and aimed at channel 10's antenna.

About 2 years ago the clearstream was pulling in channel 10 strong and consistent with the uhf element aimed at 315 degrees magnetic and the vhf element attached to the reflector at 134 degrees mag. but the quality has declined I suspect from changes in the atmosphere since nothing was changed with my setup during the time the signal declined. I still have the clearstream and can repurpose the vhf element but do not know how and where to mount it to get the best results.

Here is TVFOOL analysis:


The channels I want to receive are : 5,8,10,12,26,48

Thanks for the advice. Troy
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