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I am interested in VHS to DVD converter stand alone with output t.v. or computer. Where and cost? I have too many home and local movies to send away etc. Thanks

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:welcome: M.Creaser,

I have the same project in mind but I haven't started on it. I found a copy of Roxio Easy Media Creator-7 on Craigslist, cheap. This computer software (allegedly will) allow me to copy VHS tapes to DVDs. I'll do them during the nights when I'm not using my computer.

You still have to have a VHS tape player (obviously) and a DVD Burner in your computer. I hope this helps.

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I sent mine off to some service years ago for VHS to DVD copies. So much cheaper and less time consuming from what I remember, but I only had about 10 tapes to copy. ;)


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You can find single units that have VHS and DVD on them that allow you to record from the VHS to the DVD. At the same time, you can record from television to either the VHS or the DVD. They don't cost all that much. Check Amazon and Ebay. I actually have one; works great.
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