Viewing my Recorded Genie-DVR-Programs on my Mobile Device. - DirecTV

I currently have a working Genie system which is comprised of a SL3-Dish, a SWM-switch, and a Genie-HR44-700. I am currently able to View, on my mobile device,[using the current Dtv App version (4.7.203)] ,my Directv tv shows. What I am NOT able to do is View my RECORDED shows. "Can not connect this device to your DVR". I spent much time/effort in trouble shooting. I was one of the ORIG. Directv installation Tech's back to 1994! I am also well versed at Networking and Installations. My HR44-700 , IS, connected to the Internet! I believe I have the up to date Ver. of the Dtv App. I've been in contact with Tech support and was told That I need a "Cinema connection kit", and that this Hardware will be the ONLY way that my Mobile phone will be able to view my recorded DVR shows. Is this True? Note; The "Cinema conn. Kit is mod. DCAW1R0-01. I currently have a DECABB1MR0-01. This is how My HR44-700 presently connects to the Net. Is it true that my current DECA won't allow what I need? Thx for your time.

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