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I'll definitely have to check this site out. I go to YouTube just to watch some Looney Tunes every now and then and show my daughter what her generation is missing out on. I can't seem to find the old Looney Tunes anywhere on regular television.


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I seriously doubt that site has the copyright permission to show most of those cartoons.
From the TuneJet website:
Public Domain License was created to uphold the tradition of cartoons, and is strongly against copyright infringement. All cartoons present on are in the public domain. In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, if a work which is no longer in the public domain is shown on, the work will be removed from the website within a reasonable amount of time upon notification to the publisher

Turns out the copyrights are expired on a lot of old cartoons (and movies). If it was copyrighted before 1923, its in the public domain. Here's a chart: Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States Also, copyright permission is fairly inexpensive for a lot of older stuff. Thats why you can find some good selections on DVD at your local dollar store.

In fact, some old Disney cartoons would be public domain right now if Disney didn't spend tons of money making it so by plying our congressmen with booze and hookers. (OK, not directly, but they gave them the money...) Here's an interesting argument that Mickey Mouse is, in fact, public domain:

You can find looney tunes official site here:
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Way to go, Pogi! You've made my heart proud. There are hundreds, thousands probably, of public domain media, including movies, TV shows, and cartoons out there. Copyrights do expire, and the rules also have changed. Perhaps one should check on the specifics before criticizing simply because that's how they make themselves happy.
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