Vintage tv antenna pics/links


I thought it would be fun to post some pics of some old vintage tv antennas and hope that others here can contribute too.

Here's some pics of various rabbit ears antennas from the 1950's-1970's.

Stacked antennas. Looks like a low band vhf antenna on top, high band vhf in the middle, and maybe a uhf antenna on the bottom. antenna original.jpg

The Early Television Museum website features pics of antique antennas as well as lots of old televisions, tv vans, and an early pay tv converter box.

Not a home antenna but it's a hilarious picture. it;s a portable transmitting antenna and it only weighs 53lbs (no wonder that poor cameraman is bent over).


That's a beauty. It would be cool to have it refurbashed with a color picture tube.

Or maybe not. :)

I remember my grandma had a tv with tubes in it (not as old as that one though) and when the tv went out, she'd open the back of it up, find the tube that looked fried and take the tube to the local hardware store in town. They had a tv tube tester machine there and she would put the tube in the tester and if it read the tube was bad she'd buy a new one, take it home and put it in the tv and it was good to go again.


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These 2 are from Godar's collection.

I wonder how big those UHF loops are. The one in the middle on the top picture looks like it might be better suited to todays shortened and lowered UHF television band. Back then it went up to 83 (that changed in the late 70s or early 80s I believe).