VIP-722K and VIP-922 OTA HD multicasts


I have found some contradictory information on this topic. Firstly, if I missed a pre-existing thread about this I apologize. I didn't see one already here.

So, with the MT2 OTA module for the 722K or the 922, can I receive the subchannels of my DTV locals? Dish tech support says that I cannot, but I have read messages on other forums that imply that you can. Does anybody know the answer? If I can't, then I will have to buy an LG tuner and will have to switch inputs on my receiver for locals. If I can, then does anyone know how to receive them?
I have an outdoor antenna on a rotater, so scanning is possible but time consuming. Can I go directly to, say, 45.3, or do I have to go to 45 and then count upward? or do I have to buy a separate ATSC tuner?
If anyone knows, I'd definitely appreciate it. I'm going to upgrade to the 922, and if I don't need an ATSC tuner then the upgrade pays for itself.

Thaks in advance.




The 722 does pick up sub channels in the channel scan. They are accessable and viewable through the on screen program guide. Sub channels are also accessable as to signal strength in the local channel set up section in the main menu. Mind you ths is the 722 and not the 722k.

One would think the capabilities the same in both machines, though I could not verify.

It is my understanding the difference between the two models lies in the duel OTA tuner module available for the 722k, where as the 722 comes with a single OTA tuner built in.

In my experience, the tuner in the 722 is not as forgiving as the Tivo HD, in that it likes solid signal without much fluctuation in signal strength. That said, all and all it is a very good machine. Hope this may provide a clue.


The Mod Squad
I just want to confirm that yes you can get digital subs with these OTA tuners and modules. The only thing that seems weird is that if a channel moves to another real channel, not only do you need to either re-scan for it or just add it if you know where it is, you must first delete it before you add it back in. Do other OTA tuners require this? I am not sure and I was on the phone with one of the engineers for WVIA Scranton, PA when they moved from real channel 41 to 49 about 2 months ago. When they did this I could only find the main channel and the ehgineer could not figure out why. Then I just tried doing what I said above and only then did I get the 2 sub channels back. I called the engineer back and told him this so he would know what to say if anyone else had the same problem.


Last June, my 622 rescanned for the new local frequencies without deleting the old locations. However many of the CECB boxes had to disconnect the antenna, rescan, then connect the antenna and rescan again. What a PITA. Other boxes picked up the new locations and dumped the old ones with no problems.