Visa gift card - DirecTV

In August Bo Robert's as ND Mr. Jones with Direct TV sales convinced us to switch from Dish to Direct. They wrote on a contract what we would receive. They also gave us their direct line. We have never received our $200.00 gift card. We have called at least 8 times and spent hours on the telephone.....talking to every one including Tamika with customer service only to be told it would be sent and other times told we didn't qualify because of our zip code. Our zip code didn't matter when it was installed so not sure of the problem. If I operated a business like this I would be fired....and we have not been able to get a return call back from the two that filled out the contract. Why won't Direct TV honor their contract.....very poor business. Next will be a letter to the Better Business Bureau. Mike Hollowell. 765-914-4366.

This question, "Visa gift card," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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