Vizio Inc passes Sony in sales for No. 2 US flat-panel TV maker

Sony Corp was overtaken by Vizio Inc in the US flat-panel television market in the fourth quarter as consumers became more price-conscious amid the global recession, an industry researcher said.

Vizio was founded by Taiwanese flat-panel TV maker Amtran Technology Co in early 2005 in a bid to tap into the brand business in North America.

Who'd a thunk it. I think folks are finally starting to realize that some of the high brand "luxury" electronics are nothing more than glorified pieces of electronic bling. Don't get me wrong, Sony makes great TVs, it's just that I find it rediculous that they spend so much on marketing their products, and pass that on to the consumer. I'll take a Toshiba (maybe even a Vizio) at 25% less cost any day over a Sony.
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Sales records don't really indicate anything about quality or reliability.... indeed, record sales just indicate that a company is doing some great marketing, and/or capitalizing on a highly price-sensitive market.

There is probably a place in this market for superior quality, superior reliability, superior service, and a commensurately higher price, as well as for good quality, good reliability, good service, and a commensurately lower price.