Vizio is number one seller in US for LCDs for 2009

Looks like Vizio beat out Sony, Samsung, and Phillips this year for top seller of LCDs. They must be selling a ton at Costco.

It seems that discounts do matter. California-based VIZIO, best known for its cheap flat panel TVs on display in the warehouse stores and at discount chains such as Wal-Mart and Target, has been named the number one shipper of high-def LCD TVs in North America for Q1 2009, per a third party research firm.
VIZIO Grabs Top Share of Shrinking LCD HDTV Market in Q1: BigPictureBigSound


Well I had predicted that Vizio would top the LCD sales in 2009. I had seen many people opting for Vizio with the major reason being the cost factor and also other individual factors. It is good to see a US seller topping the list for 2009.