Vizio M Series – 50″ and Above

When it was announced earlier this week that Vizio was shipping its impressive M-Series to stores, DTVUSAForum did an initial review of entry level M-series line, sizes 32″to 47″. Today, we’re going to evaluate what’s offered on sizes 50″ through 80″…

M501D-A2R – 50″
This is the smallest television in Vizio’s new M lineup that features all of the advanced technology the company has to offer. This television utilizes a 240Hz refresh rate, keeping action and motion as crisp as you could ask for. It also included local dimming, which produces more accurate pictures. Combined with Vizio’s Razor LED technology, the TV produces vivid images and saves energy while doing so. As with every M series TV, Vizio’s Internet Apps Plus is included for various smart TV services.

Samsung also produces a 50-inch model – the Samsung UN50F7100. It happens to run almost double the price of the Vizio model, however. The Samsung UN50F7100 has more features, but its price makes it much less competitive than the Vizio model.

M551d-A2R -55″
Vizio’s 55-inch M551d-A2R is another excellent value for the screen size and technology. With a 240Hz refresh rate, you can guarantee that quick motion on the screen will look as accurate as possible, and fast camera moves from the most intense video games will come through clearly. Local dimming on the TV saves energy while producing a more even picture, and passive 3D is included as well. With the passive 3D, any 3D glasses will do. The TV also gives you access to the plethora of smart TV options now available, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora.

The LG 55LA7400 is a 55-inch competitor to the Vizio. It has many of the same features, including high-quality passive 3D. However, it costs significantly more. Vizio continues to offer extreme value in its 55-inch model.

M601d-A3R – 60″
Vizio_M501d-A2RVizio brings value into the larger television sets with its 60-inch M601d-A3R. The screen features glass that spans from edge to edge, and a slim design that looks good wherever you put it. Underneath the good looks comes a feature-rich set of technologies, including Razor LED, local dimming and a refresh rate of 240Hz. Local dimming improves picture quality and saves energy in the process, while 240Hz keeps action looking crisp and accurate. Passive 3D is also included, giving viewers the option of checking out 3D movies with the same lightweight glasses found in movie theaters.

Sony’s 60-inch KDL-60R550A is only slightly more expensive than the Vizio, making it a solid competitor. It also features passive 3D, although only a refresh rate of 120Hz. The Sony is edge lit, which produces a picture quality not quite as impressive as the Vizio Razor LED technology.

M651d-A2R – 65″
Vizio’s 65-inch M651d-A2R is another excellent value for a larger television. It carries all of Vizio’s more impressive technologies. Razor LED ensures accurate and rich color across the screen, and local dimming saves on energy while improving picture quality. Vizio’s local dimming is quite effective, even if it does not feature quite as much detail as some more expensive local dimming televisions. The TV also features a refresh rate of 240Hz – enough to keep games and action movies looking their best. Vizio also included its Internet Apps in the television. This gives you access to all of your favorite streaming services, such as Netflix, in an easy to use application.

LG’s 65-inch 65LM6200 is a comparable television model to the Vizio. Instead of a 240Hz refresh rate, it only carries a 120Hz refresh rate – something that makes it slightly less desirable. However, 120Hz is usually adequate for most purposes. The LG contains passive 3D technology, and offers excellent image quality for the money.

M701d-A3R – 70″
Vizio_M501d-A2R-Back_InputsAt 70 inches, the M701d-A3R is Vizio’s second-largest television in the new M line. It carries all of the technology features in Vizio’s best televisions at a price that is hard to beat. With advanced local dimming, the 70 inches of screen benefit from 16 dimming zones – areas that respond individually to improve picture quality and to save energy. The 240Hz refresh rate gives even the most demanding gaming situations the responsiveness necessary to produce smooth action. The smart TV feature – Vizio Internet Apps – keeps all your smart TV options together in one application that is simple to use.

The biggest competition for the Vizio M701d-A3R is Sharp’s 70-inch LC-70LE847U. Priced similarly, the Sharp also features a 240Hz refresh rate, and it offer active 3D as opposed to passive. Active 3D does have some advantages over passive, but many prefer passive because it is easier to use and doesn’t require powered glasses.

M801d-A3 – 80″
The flagship model of Vizio’s M lineup, the 80-inch M801d-A3 offers all of Vizio’s impressive technologies in a huge screen. This is the first 80-inch television produced by the company, and it pulls out all the stops to create the ultimate value. Local dimming and Razor LED keep the image rich and detailed, while the 240Hz refresh rate ensures that the most intense game or movie action registers accurately and smoothly across the screen.

The Sharp LC-80LE844U offers an 80-inch screen in similar configurations for a similar price. However, the Sharp’s comparable price is due to it being last year’s model.
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