Vizio M Series - M321i-A2, M401i-A3, M471i-A2

With the Vizio M series line of LCD HDTVs now hitting stores, we take an in-depth look at Vizio's near frameless platform in sizes 32", 37", and 40".

M321i-A2 – 32″
View attachment 2387 The smallest of Vizio’s new lineup, the 32-inch M321i still manages to bring most of the manufacturer’s key selling points to the table. It carries Vizio’s Razor LED technology, offering excellent clarity and color, and deep black levels on every image that passes across the screen. The television features a refresh rate of 120Hz, which keeps action smooth and crisp. 120Hz is not as powerful as the 240Hz on Vizio’s more expensive televisions, but the difference should be imperceptible on a screen of this size.

At $399, the M321i is only slightly more expensive than the LG 32LN5300, another 32-inch contender. Vizio’s model boasts double the refresh rate of the LG, making it a better value overall.

M401i-A3 – 40″
View attachment 2388 With the 40-inch M401i-A3, Vizio continues to offer significant value to television buyers. The television features a 120Hz refresh rate. While this is not as high as the 240Hz featured on Vizio’s more expensive models, but it doesn’t really need it. A screen this size looks great at 120Hz, with action scenes appearing crisp and motion smooth. The Razor LED technology produces vivid colors and dark blacks, and the television includes Vizio’s Internet Apps Plus, giving you easy access to all your streaming services.

Sony’s value offering, its 40-inch KDL-40R450A, only features a 60Hz refresh rate. It is priced similarly to the Vizio model, and features many of Sony’s high-quality components. The refresh rate alone, however, is enough to warrant choosing the Vizio.

M471i-A2 – 47″
View attachment 2389 The 47-inch M471i-A2 is Vizio’s largest television that doesn’t feature the company’s higher-end technologies – passive 3D and 240Hz processing power. However, it does contain everything else that makes Vizio’s such a good value, including Razor LED, ultra-thin design and smart TV features. At 120Hz on a 47-inch screen, you can hardly tell that the TV is missing the company’s most powerful refresh rate. Passive 3D is not always a strong selling point for certain buyers, making the M471i-A2 an excellent value for the budget conscious buyer.

LG’s 47-inch 47LA6900, in comparison, features both passive 3D and a 120Hz refresh rate. However, it is also $300 more expensive. The Vizio hits the value sweet spot, giving buyers everything they need and nothing the do not.