Vizio M3D550KD Reviews?



Saw this LCD at Sam's club the other day for $1250, anyone have any thoughts on the picture quality? Anything better out there for the same or lower price?


55" for less than $1,300, man these prices have really come down over the past year. Vizio has gotten much better with picture quality over the past few years but that's about the only advice I can offer.
The M3D550KD has internet connectivity with built-in wifi and Vizio Apps which is nice to have.
Has decent specs for gaming too. Would be at the top of my list. ;)
Bottom line is, PCMag ranks this HDTV very high,

If you want a big, full-featured HDTV for a low price, the Vizio M3D550KD should be at the top of your list. At $1,430 it's not exactly an impulse buy, but for offering 3D with four pairs of glasses, Wi-Fi, lots of Web options, a QWERTY remote, and excellent contrast and color for a lot less than similar-sized and similar-equipped HDTVs, it's our Editors' Choice for budget HDTVs.