Vizio tunerless tv's


This is why I will never buy another Vizio product.

Vizio made some fine TV's back in the day with a great TV tuner that could pick up as many OTA channels as the (almost legendary) Zenith converter boxes manufactured around 2009. There's that and they were durable. My daughter has an early Vizio model which she purchased around 7 years ago and that thing weighs about three times as much as the current models of the same size do.

I own two newer Vizios (2 or 3 years old) and one of them still works fine but the other had the remote sensor inside the TV go out a year or so ago. So no remote will work, not to mention the TV tuners aren't as good as they use to be, so yea, my confidence in the product took a hit.

And now it gets worse.

Vizio's take...

Vizio has decided to skip the TV tuner altogether in their 4k models so if you like your TV channels free (as in Over The Air TV) Vizio say's buy your own TV tuner. Oh, and those 4k tunerless TV's don't come with a remote control either so "Use your smart phone," Vizio says.

Hey Vizio, I don't have a smart phone or an external TV tuner on hand so I won't be buying anymore of your products because of your catering to the evil creedy wireless industry. Besides, your TV's aren't anywhere near as good as they use to be anyway and expect consumers to be returning your TV's to stores when they find out your sets have no TV tuner nor remotes.

As of now, Vizio sucks.


Not only do you have to install the app on a smart phone or tablet to control the TV, but it is difficult to install according to reviews I've read at several retailer sites.

Many buyers are bringing them back to the store after frustration at setting them up.
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