VMB090 Mobile Razor


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Vizio is coming out with a mobile DTV chipped portable HDTV, it's called the VMB090 Mobile Razor LED LCD TV.

Looks like it'll receive ATSC-M/H, ATSC, and even NTSC signals.

Specs on the VMB090 Mobile Razor

9” LED LCD panel
Screen Resolution of 800x480 pixels
HDMI 1.4 jack
Composite video
Stereo audio inputs
USB 2.0 port
View JPEG photos
Listen to MP3s
Headphone jack
Energy Star rated
Internal battery up to 3 hours
Dimensions: 10” x 7” x just under 1”


9" VMB090 Mobile Razor LED LCD TV

I was just looking a bit closer at this. This may be a good choice for me since it does:




I think the MSRP of $199.99 is a bit high, but then who pays MSRP!