Voice Remote Not Working (Faulty Cable Box?)



Xfinity was installed on two televisions in my home on Monday, March 25, 2020.

On one tv the voice remote works fine.

On the second tv the voice remote does not work. I called customer service. I did everything they asked:

1.) change the HDMI cable and press the voice button

2.) change the cable going into the box and press the voice button

3.) un-program the remote and press the voice button

4.) reprogram the remote and press the voice button

5.) change the batteries and press the voice button.

6.) unplug the cable plug and press the voice button

7.) unplug the tv and press the voice button

8.) remotely reset cable box and press the voice button

Nothing worked. It was decided I needed a new remote, what was sent to me for free.

Two days later, I received a brand new remote: voice still does not work.

I had an idea. I decided to try the “broken” remote and the new remote with the cable box in the living room. Bingo, both remotes worked.

I then switched cable boxes. I hooked up the box from my bedroom to the living room. Voice does not work and any remote.

Took the living room cable box to the bedroom and voice worked on all the remotes.

I called customer service. I told them what happened. The rep told me I should not have changed boxes and remotes.

He then asked me the serial number of the box in my bedroom to see if I got the boxes mixed up. I felt insulted as if he thought I was stupid. He then had me go through almost everything I did the night before. Change the batteries, hit the voice button, make sure the cables were tight, hit the voice button, un-program the remote, hit the voice button, etc, ect., ect.

Finally, he told me he was going to check his cable box at home. A minute or two later he came to me and said he had the same problem as me. He asked me to wait another 24 hours to see if the issue would be resolved. He also gave a me a credit towards my cable bill. I was thankful for that.

With that said, I told him the remote worked fine with the other cable box. That seemed irrelevant to him.

But here is what I know: if I take my cable box from the living room and switch it with the box from my bedroom, I can use all three voice remotes. However, now I will not have the voice function in the living room.

Here is question: why can’t I just get a new box?

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