Vudu's scandals and lies

You just Knew it had to be too good to be true!

You know Vudu; the Wal Mart owned, cloud-based online service set on revolutionizing how America streams it's favorite video titles into it's living rooms, offering an array of options like Disc2Digital, UltraViolet/Digital Copy support and direct web purchases. It was looking like someone was finally doing video right. And offering an alternative to pirating.......And now the REAL TRUTH.......

Starting late last night, silently; Wal Mart/Vudu added the following warning to it's Vudu purchases: "Studios may impose blackouts on their videos with little notice. During a blackout period, videos are not available to rent, buy or watch" Kinda gives an uneven meaning to the worded "Unlimited Viewing" claimed on the website. In other words...the real truth's not much better than u can throw your computer so BEWARE....

The Cloud Nine Team