WallTenna Gives Consumers an Easy Way to Cut the Cable Cord


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GREENSBORO, N.C., Dec 15, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- There's an emerging market in consumer electronics for powerful indoor antennas that allow consumers to cut the cord on expensive cable and switch to free broadcast television. For many consumers, indoor antennas are a welcome option to the hassle and expense of installing an outdoor antenna. A leader in this rapidly growing category is WallTenna, an innovative indoor antenna that combines superior performance with sleek, flat design. For just $40, less than one month of cable charges, consumers can purchase a WallTenna, and access their favorite stations broadcast for free over the air (OTA).

According to a recent industry survey, only 15 percent of U.S. households currently take advantage of free OTA broadcasts, which were mandated as part of the 2009 Digital TV transition that required all full-power television stations to provide all-digital broadcasts over the air. OTA picture quality is also touted as brighter and crisper than what consumers receive from pay TV. Cable or satellite providers use data compression that compromises picture quality.

"The majority of consumers simply don't know that OTA broadcasts exist; they assume that they need cable to get their favorite TV stations," said WallTenna inventor Snowdon Parlette. "But the reality is that digital OTA broadcasts are free and deliver better picture quality -- you just need to access those free channels using a powerful antenna."

In recent tests performed by the Research Triangle Compliance Engineering (RTCE) lab in Raleigh, N.C., WallTenna achieved unmatched performance across the digital spectrum. WallTenna's flat, clear design enables it to be placed virtually anywhere indoors -- a key factor in receiving more TV channels...
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Hot development area: TV antennas (no joke)

But none of this has stopped companies like Mohu and now WallTenna from seeking to use the TV broadcast spectrum for its current intended use—over-the-air TV broadcast. Mohu made the news recently when it said Time Warner Cable refused to air an ad telling viewers they don’t need cable (unfiltered: Mohu: Time Warner Cable said no to ‘OTT antenna’ ad). And WallTenna today announced a see-through antenna that’s shaped a bit like a folding picture frame. The product is designed for indoor use and its clear design enables it to be mounted on a window, where reception may be best.

For years the percentage of Americans who watch over-the-air has been in decline, now standing at about 15%. But don’t be surprised if the rise of over-the-top video, combined with free over-the-air HDTV and new antenna technology from companies like Mohu and WallTenna, begins to reverse that trend—at least a little bit.
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WallTenna. I Got it.

Make your own Walltenna at home:

1. 1/32" x 18 x 12 inches Clear Plastic , $7.00 per antenna, CHECK.

2. 1/4 in. x 36 yds.
Copper Foil Tape $17.14, CHECK.

3. 0.3 oz/9ml jar.Wire Glue $4.95, CHECK.

4. Balun $.99, CHECK.

5. Copy reflector-less DB2. CHECK.
B000EHUE7I-1.jpg 6. Your cost: no more than $10.00 per antenna.

7. Sell Walltenna clone for $39.99

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