Walsh Wants to Take 'America's Most Wanted' Worldwide

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Walsh Wants to Take 'America's Most Wanted' Worldwide - 2010-09-14 21:58:29 | Broadcasting & Cable

From the article:

"As it enters its 24th season on the air, John Walsh has big plans for America's Most Wanted, one of Fox's longest-running primetime programs.

"The Web has given us a worldwide presence," says Walsh, who wants to take that presence and franchise his show across the globe. This November, Walsh will take America's Most Wanted to Cambodia to go after international sex traffickers in a three-episode series. It's a topic the show has tackled before, partnering with international law enforcement agency Interpol to find fugitives."

"[Fox Entertainment Chairman] Peter Rice is a global thinker and going global is a natural progression for the show," says Walsh. "I think America's Most Wanted should be a show out of Hong Kong, and we've had requests to partner up with Al Jazeera to do a show out of the Middle East."

"I'm hoping that we can team up and pick someone that could do Asia's Most Wanted on News Corp.'s Star TV, for example," Walsh says." ...


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Why not! This show has had so much success in its history, and much of that is due to Walsh' persistence. I remember when they almost canceled it. I think it was back in year 9 or 10, but he fought for it, and it's still going strong. It's just so sad that it all came about due to little Adam's murder.

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