Want to bundle existing service and add DirecTV..am I missing something? - DirecTV

Currently, I have 2 cell phones that I am paying about $180/mo (with AT&T Next Every Year) and Gigabit Internet service for $70/mo. I'm getting two separate bills for this. I also pay $35/mo for PlayStation Vue. I was interested in dropping back on my Internet package, but adding DirecTV, and bundling all three services together. AT&T has the 45 Mbps Internet service & choice DirecTV package advertised on their site currently for $100/mo, $5 less than I am currently paying monthly for my existing services.

Trying to discuss this has been incredibly difficult; it seems that no one can give me a direct answer. I was finally told tonight that I didn't qualify for a bundle since I have existing services and those are only for new customers.

Does this seem right? I thought it would be easy to bundle everything with the same company, on one bill, and give AT&T the money that is currently going to Sony/PlayStation, but I suppose not. My Internet contract expires in January. Should I wait for it to expire, then cancel? Just trying to understand what my options/best course of action is here.

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