Question: Want to connect Mac Mini to analog TV - how to do it?


Hi, I have a Mac Mini, and I'd like to hook it up to my old (1997) analog TV. Is there software available for the Mac that will convert an Internet signal to a signal my TV can display? Currently I have a Roku, which does this, but I'd like to be able to watch Youtube, Vimeo and other freely accessible video sites on my TV in the livingroom. The only inputs on the back of the TV are RCA. Would I also need some other piece of hardware to go between the Mac and the TV? .

(BTW, I know I can buy a digital TV, and I plan to, but at the moment I'd like a stopgap solution because I don't know how long it will be until I buy a new TV.)

If I remember correctly, you can buy a converter at the Apple store (or go in and take their recommendation to Amazon) that will allow you to go from Mac Mini to legacy VGA connection. I can't remember though if it is a single converter deal you need to buy, or two in order to connect to the VGA input on your legacy TV. If you have an Apple Store close, I would go in to look or ask since they may not necessarily have the setup you need on the shelf.