Want To Replace Your Media Server PC With A Roku?

View attachment 2706 Getting the most out of all of your streaming platforms is important. Having a Roku puts any consumer far shad of any other set-top box watcher, but without the right channels, you’ll still be left in the dark when it comes to having the best programming options and the maximum amount of entertainment. You are probably familiar with things like Netflix, but there are also other options that are important for a Roku owner, mainly: Plex Media Server.

Media Center PCs used to be a complicated process that took programming knowledge, hardware additions, and plenty of time to get working correctly. The end result was a device that could easily stream all of your movies and television shows that you’ve downloaded and place them on your television, with somewhat simple controls. This required a computer that you weren’t using anymore, a special operating system, and a number of other pieces of software, hardware, and know how. These can be very powerful machines, but Roku boxes made them unnecessary and has effectively replaced them for most people. There are those who are still holding out on making the switch, but for those that have, you can still enjoy the benefits of a media center using Plex Media Server.

Plex functions as a normal Roku channel would, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. All you have to do is select it from the Roku’s main menu and then choose the movie that you want to watch. It also has the ability to install other third party apps that aren’t available from the official Roku store. This includes a lot of different channels and allows you to watch Youtube videos, something that isn’t supported officially, MSNBC news highlights, full episodes of late nigh talk shows, and a large variety of other things that have been designed exclusively for use with the Plex Media Server.

To make it even more appealing, using your Roku’s internet connection, Plex will detect the movies and shows that you have loaded and will download the movie poster, dvd box cover, season data, run time, rating, reviews, and more, turning it into a one stop shop for everything you need, but one that only requires minimal input on your end.

How do you do all of this? How do you stream all of your content to your Roku? Easy. Install the Plex channel like you would any other app. Then install the accompanying software on your desktop computer, or whichever computer stays on the majority of the time. Now you’ll have to set up the Plex channels that will be used. These are things like Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc. By pointing Plex to the directory for each kind of file, you can make it easy to drag and drop files to your brand new media server. Once Plex has detected the files, the Roku will download the relevant data and have you enjoying your favorite movies in no time, even if they aren’t available on any of the popular streaming platforms that most people are constrained to.