Warner Archive Instant starts May 1, Netflix to lose rare titles as result

Warner Archive Instant is available for a free 2-week trial (2 weeks shy of what seems to be the industry standard), and costs about $10 per month thereafter. The cost is pretty much inline with similar services.

The WB Instant streaming service is available on Roku devices, and promises instant viewing of "rare and hard-to-find movies and TV" shows, including content as far back as the 1920's.

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I did a quick search for: Warriors of the Wasteland, but had no luck.

At any rate, because many of the shows are exclusive to its service, Netflix will be losing many of the classics from Warner Bros., MGM, and Universal.

A new "look" is being tested out on select Netflix accounts, and with the new look some data is lost. A notable piece of data is a video's expiry date. So, many people may not realize that the clock is ticking for the ability to watch a large selection of movies that will now only be available on Warner Archive Instant.

Some of the titles include: Beach Red (1967), The Bed-Sitting Room (1969), How I Won the War (1967), Billion Dollar Brain (1967), The Delinquents (1957), Thieves Like Us (1974), Vincent & Theo (1990), Dr. No (1962), Goldfinger (1964), Gregory's Girl (1984), Kes (1969), Ladybird Ladybird (1994), Kiss Me, Stupid (1964), One, Two, Three (1961), Marat/Sade (1967), Never on Sunday (1960), Odds Against Tomorrow (1959), Stardust Memories (1980), and more.



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It seems like a pretty lame selection to me. I think there's more, and more interesting, stuff to watch on free Roku channels like Pub-D-Hub and Drive-In Classics.

As far as the Netflix "expiration date" problem, I actually paid for the "Instant Watch Browser" for Netflix for my Roku - it's $3.99. I think it's been worth every penny, and I'm a notorious cheapskate. Here is my review: Cache Free TV: Instant Watch Browser for Netflix Review

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