Warner Archive Instant


A little more about Warner Archive Instant, it can only be viewed on a computer or a Roku 2 or 3 box. It doesn't work on a PS3, Apple TV, etc. They say they are working on getting it on more devices but for now it's only available on the two above mentioned platforms.

One movie I was really glad to see on Warner Archive Instant is "Salem's Lot." That's gotta be the creepiest Vampire movie ever as well as one of the creepiest horror movies in general. Those Vampires are just wicked evil. Another movie I'm excited to see getting added soon is "Atlantis, The Lost Continent." That one use to air on the late, late movies back in the 70's and I always enjoyed seeing it when staying up late. Granted, I did recently find "Atlantis, The Lost Continent" online at PutLocker.com but when it comes to WAI I'll be able to view it via the Roku on the 32" Vizio instead of the 19" computer monitor so that will be a treat.


How the you-know-what does that make any sense?? It's the oldest scam in the world.
Yea, same scam that Netflix and Hulu Plus uses for their free trials.

Take a credit card number. Call it "free." Call it whatever you have to call it to get sucker's card #. Charge up the wazoo for anything you can think of.
I have personally bought DVD's from Warner Bros. using a credit card and was not charged "up the wazoo" so lets just say I trust 'em.
Guy wants to cancel -- give 'em a phone number. Make sure nobody answers the phone.
Or in this case you could just go to "My Account" on the homepage and cancel from there, just like Netflix and Hulu Plus.


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