Was Able to 18.2 before - now can't get it

We've got a great outdoor type antenna and have been watching channel 18.2 (digital) out of the LA area.

The show we watch is on Saturday evenings and the picture quality was great with our digital ready TV. Last Saturday the reception was great and no problems.

This Saturday we cannot get any of the 18 series digital - the scan shows no signal.
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Based on reading other posts in this forum I did a rescan 20 minutes ago and about 60 new channels popped up. Did a signal strength test and the channels I watch are still weak but am able to watch the critical one now, whereas I couldn't around 9:00 PM.

Assuming the broadcasters must be adjusting their signal strength.

Open for comments.


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That's good you've made a little progress. What kind of outdoor antenna do you have? I have a feeling it's UHF only. Here's your TVFool results: TV Fool

A lot of channels in LA are VHF only now on digital signals. If everything is working fine, I'd leave it the way it is and give it another month. Some stations are nightlighting and may boost power output in the next 2 to 4 weeks.


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60? Can I cry? I'm so bummed for myself but happy for you. Digital TV wouldn't be such a nasty thing if we all got those beautiful 60 channels.
60?! that's more than Basic Cable here!

Do you get Nickelodeon or Cartoon network by chance?

I'm just happy to see CW come back (on another network). although it's been so long now that i've got more used to watching MyNetworkTV's reruns of Frasier so i guess watching my daily Family Guy and King of the Hill and George Lopez again will take some getting used to lol.