Was season finale of CBS's 'CSI: New York' also last episode ever?


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Unfortunately, it is quite possible that Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinese) and his team have solved their last murder, a forensics challenge that involved civil unrest and a police department called into question for the shooting of a citizen.

Back in 2000, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation exploded onto the scene with William Petersen as bug-lover Gil Grissom. He also happened to be in charge of the Las Vegas CSI lab. Two years later, Petersen was a bit chagrined to see the spinoff, CSI: Miami, hit the airwaves. He was skeptical of the need for a similar series. David Caruso headed the cast for a show that ultimately survived for a decade.

With movie star Gary Sinese signed to play Mac Taylor, whose wife had perished inside the World Trade Center on 9/11, CSI: NY was added to the network in 2004. The future of the show for the 2012-2013 season was in doubt at the end of last season, but in the end, it was given the nod over the Caruso vehicle which was canceled.

Unsure of whether or not the show will return for another year and match its Miami predecessor, the powers that be created a satisfying ending for its fans. The plot was topical and then at the end, the cast, sans Sinese, are gathered together, enjoying the end of a stressful day. As the show tends to do, it then cut to the lead detective who, in what could be argued as a predictable move considering the theme of living for today that was present during the hour proposing to his girlfriend. It was a nice, neat conclusion and yet should the series be renewed, who knows what could transpire.

As for Petersen, he left CSI as an actor after nine seasons, though he remains as an executive producer. His voice has been heard on occasion, but rumors of guest appearances have never panned out and on the last episode of the program it was revealed that the character's marriage to Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) was apparently over.

Will CSI: Crime Scene Investigation outlast both of its spinoffs? Will there actually be a wedding between Mac and his lady love? Right now, the answer is anybody's guess.