Washingtonpost advertisement trickery


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This morning I was reading a mobile dtv story on Washington post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/09/AR2009070902498.html

Which had an advertisement about, "reported by Barbara Walters", and featured on ABC News 3, with 3 news stories highlighted about,

Barbara talks about the "Miracle Pill" known as Reservatol
Getting Older and Still in Shape
Red Wine: helping fight fat and the agin process

The ad was made to look like another link on Washington Post, and I would even go so far to say that it was created with the intent of tricking people into clicking on it.

Anyway, here's where the advertisement link brought me: http://www.news3news.com/wpo4.html

It looks like a news website, only the links on it are disguised as trackable clicks to here: http://www.resveratrolultra.com/offer/resveratrolultralp2/?t=1&mid=122&subid=40181-wpo4

Even clicking on the "Home", "News", "Weather", "Entertainment", "Videos", "Business", "What's On", and "Traffic" navigation links all lead to the resveratrolultra.com website.

Where is washingtonposts.com's standards with this crap?? In all my years of using the internet, I have never been duped so bad before. and of all websites, washingtonpost??????
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Wow, The Washington Post to become one of these bad advertisement places?
The world is going bad.

By the way Reservatol has been controlled in Europe and they said it is a question of believing not of proof results.

So this is not a good adevrtisement at all.


I'm pretty sure that can get you into trouble with your advertisers, tricking people into clicking your links. They have to pay money every time someone clicks on them, and tricking people into clicking on them costs them money they would not have normally earned.

Why not kick them in the teeth and report them to their sponsors?
The person on that video for your link sounds like Barbara Walters. This type of intergrated advertising has been going on forever, you better believe that Washington post go paid big time for it. Guess thats what our economy has come to.