Watch Coachella 2014 at Home

The Coachella Festival, or more formally, The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is held once a year over two weekends featuring some of the best music and arts performers in the United States. The festival is held at the Empire Polo Club located in Indio, California and is one of the largest, outdoor music festivals held in the United States each year. The festival commonly features a number of genres of music and art to include hip hop, indie, rock, and electronic music as well as a number of sculptures and other artistic features. In 2014, the Coachella festival will be available for fans (for the first time) that can’t get to the festival to watch online and on specified cable outlets.

When Did the Coachella Festival Get Started?

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The Coachella Festival’s origins date to a concert that Pearl Jam played at the Empire Polo Club in 1993 when the band was boycotting all concert venues who worked with or were under contractual agreement with Ticketmaster. After the large concert by Pearl Jam was deemed a success, the Empire Polo Club was validated as a quality location for hosting large events. This led to the first Coachella Festival being held in October of 1999 over the course of two days. Starting in April of 2001, the festival started being held annually (first as a one day event), and later expanding to two days, and finally three days in 2007.
Due to the widespread popularity of the festival, Coachella expanded to include a second, three day weekend in 2012. Camping was first permitted at the festival until 2003 which quickly became one of the most popular options for music fans to enjoy the venue. Throughout the course of Coachella history, fans have been able to enjoy a wide range of performing artists to include Prince (or whatever we call him today), Snoop Dogg, Paul McCartney, Dr. Dre, The White Stripes, Bestie Boys, the Foo Fighters, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Coachella routinely sees more than 75,000 guests per day of the festival each year.

When was the First Official Coachella?

The first Coachella Festival was held on October 9th and 10th, 1999 just three months after the Woodstock 1999 Festival. Based on the various fires and riots experienced by organizers at Woodstock, camping was not permitted on-site for a number of years. The first Coachella saw only 10,000 music fans attending the inaugural event which featured Rage Against the Machine, Beck, Took, Morrissey, and The Chemical Brothers. Although the vent went off smoothly, Goldenvoice (company running the event) eventually was sold to AEG after losing more than $750,000 on the festival. Coachella would eventually get restarted in 2001 and become one of the most attended music festivals in the United States!

How Can You Watch Coachella at Home in 2014?

2014 is a big year for Coachella fans. For the first time, the entire festival will be broadcast online for fans to enjoy. The first weekend of the event will be shown on YouTube, while the second weekend will be shown on cable channel, AXS TV. Throughout both weekends, Jason Bentley, Music Director for LA radio station, KCRW, will host each weekend. His feed will include introductions of each musician, some of the performances, back stage, and interviews. The AXS TV coverage will only include 20 hours of the event, while the full You Tube content will remain online for several weeks after Coachella 2014 wraps up this year.

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