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I love that TNT offers full episodes of their dramas free online, and was wondering if there is a device that lets you stream TNT on your television other than your laptop. We had been looking into possibly getting a set top box, such as a Roku, but from what I can tell they do not offer an internet browser. I was also looking at the Sony set top box because one review mentioned watching, etc. but could not find any other reviews that supported this.
Our laptop that we currently use is 3 yrs old, no HDMI out, and runs pretty hot when streaming. Was just curious if there is an alternative. Thanks!


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Besides a computer, there is very little out there that can stream full websites. The Roku is great (I have two!), but its' power is in its' channels, especially the private channels that have loads of content - all free. However, the best thing to do is hook a computer up for TNT, most likely.

If you have a DVI port, you can convert that easily into an HDMI signal. Your computer doesn't take a VGA input does it? Many do, so I would look there as well.

There are cooling pads for laptops, and of course your screen will be closed, so that is something as well.


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A used PC or laptop that will stream properly can be had for about $200. There are also cables for DVI to HDMI, vga to hdmi, etc. Some laptops have a composite video out as well (Not HD, but neither is the Wii, and lots of people stream with that!)