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I have had a recurring problem with watching tv online on Xfinity. My house has both Xfinity internet as well as Xfinity tv. I have had to utilize the ability to watch tv online some of the time. On the old website there was never much of a problem, but now with the newer one, there are constant problems and they very seriously need to be addressed. Watching a television is never a problem at all. I have all of the channels I subscribe to. Recently my tv was broken while moving it downstairs which started the problem. After that I have been forced to watch tv only online. For the last 2 months, the website usually will not ever pull up all of the channels the subscription gives, often starting at channel 13 on the low end. This prevents me from ever enjoying programming on the usual major networks, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, all of which are on channels 2 through 9. When these channels are not listed it is impossible to watch any of them, and as of today they DID appear on the channel listing, but will not allow me to watch any of them, telling me that a subscription is required to watch. I HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION to watch these channels. They all work fine on the tv in the living room, so why can I not watch them online also?

This question, "Watching TV Online : Comcast Doesn't Function Properly Online," is about XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports.

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