Ways to boost antenna reception?



I have a channel that gets a bit staticky, every once in a while when I'm watching it. What are some ways I can boost my antenna reception?


Ways To Boost Antenna Reception?

Can you please provide some additional details about your configuration? For example, is it an indoor or outdoor antenna? What type? How is it mounted? What type of feedline? Sometimes simply replacing lossy RG-59 with good, quality RG-6 can help a lot. Other times, simply moving an antenna up another 10 feet on the mast can help. I have a brother in law who has a VHf-UHF log periodic antenna that was pointed the wrong way! If you are able to put your address in TV Fool and post the results, that can even help quite a bit. I guess what I am getting at is everybody has different needs. If it is a pair of VHF rabbit ears and your channels are RF UHF, then an antenna designed for UHF might be all you need.