WCPO moving to UHF?


WCPO in Cincinnati has petitioned the FCC to move from rf ch. 10 to rf ch. 22 as a way to improve their signal strength. That's right, the station that once claimed that VHF was the only way to go with digital tv has admitted defeat and will now attempt to move to UHF.

Anyway this begs the question that if the FCC approves WCPO's move to rf 22, what happens to analog channel 22 here in Dayton?


Thanks guys and kudos to Trip who broke this story to the Tri-State Media Watch site which is where I got it from.

Scroll down to find the original article here (see Friday, September 18, 2009)


Quote from the article

"This came via e-mail to us from Trip of the excellent site, Rabbitears.info!

Trip tells us today that WCPO has petitioned the FCC to abandon their channel 10 allocation for their digital signal, and make a move to RF 22 at 1000 feet (305 m) with 1000 kW of power.


LP analog would be better off if it would just go away. There aren't any new licenses being issued for it anyway, are there?

We had a similar DTV/LPTV analog situation here. A LPTV station (formerly K18EG), was broadcasting on ch 18, which the FCC also assigned to KFSM-DT, the local CBS affiliate a few counties away. Locals here filed complaints with the K18EG, KFSM and the FCC. K18EG became a "displaced" station and applied to move to ch 22. They are now known as K22HS.