"We can't connect to your device" on xFinity website landing page



Whenever i logon to the xFinity site, I see "We can't connect to your device" displayed on the landing page.

I have attempted to clear this error by performing a complete system refresh. That always fails with the error:

"System Refresh Unavailable"

Below this message is the option "Restart a Single TV Box".

If I try that, I get the following error:

"500 Error Something went wrong. Please try refreshing your browser."

I gone through these steps on three different computers using two different browsers (Chrome and Firefox). Same results each time.

I was advissed to replace the main box which I did. The problem still persists. And, the main box is most definitely online.

I've also run into another problem when trying to use the "Add or Manage Devices" function under the "Devices" menu item. When I click "Add or Manage Devices", i receive the following error:

"Looks like something went wrong... Please try again, or contact us for more help."

Happens every time. I've also tried this on multiple computers using both Chrome and Firefox. No luck.

I did call on these issues but the tech support call quickly degenerated into a sales pitch -- with no resolution to the technical issues at hand. So, I'm hoping that someone on the forums might have some ideas on how to resolve these problems.



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