We really needs 4K ?


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Many countries been trying of deploy and test broadcasts in 3D and now are suggesting the 4k resolution the big question is we really need UHD ?
Somebody knows the human vision resolution in image in hard numbers, for electronics manufacturing, it is UHD the real resolution of human eyes or just a over priced image quality which is exaggerated ?

The concept of four times the 1.080 resolution sounds attractive, but is many things to consider about the impact of the ultra high definition.

The first is the actual codecs for compress video in digital way, MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 are just old for support in efficient way for be transmitted over signals over air, also the resultant file size would be bigger as for fit in 6-7-8MHz bandwidth in the current systems of digital television broadcasts.

Also the digital television broadcasts systems couldn't make the ultra high definition to be true due the strategies of transmission and technical limitations of current systems even DVB-S2* can not make UHD resolutions also.

The current hardware like chipsets for decoding incoming signals and demodulators are no ready to the huge datastream that would come with UHD resolutions, also the costs of the required and optimal hardware are very expensive right now, needs more than Gigahertz of processing power to do the tasks.

also with the UHD the television channel would need a big budget for convert to UHD the cameras, studios and links to broadcasting headquarters, and that could make lower the offers of programming in UHD and just get stuck in HD which could m make the future of UHD unsuccessfu

The conclusion is we are not ready to UHD and we should wait to the development of the technologies for make successful the transition.

* DVB-S2 ( the most used broadcast system for satellite or dish television in High Definition over satellite)


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