Weather Alerts freezing my screen - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Weather Alerts freezing my screen", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Every time one of these Spectrum alerts go off, very annoying BTW, once finished they go back to a solid black screen with some gibberish in the top left corner. This is if I'm out of the room and don't see it on the TV. It won't go back to the program that it was on. I'll have to change the channel, then back, to get to what I was watching.

When you're watching, and it comes on, it would be nice to simply hit exit and get that off your screen rather than having to change the channel and go back. If I'm recording something I don't want this screwing it up. The other night this was happening about every 15-20 minutes. Your screen goes black, with these boxes rather than the words on the bottom of your screen. You'd have to sit there for at least a minute with that before my screen would go solid black with gibberish in the corner and just sit silent.


This topic covered Weather Alerts freezing my screen, and TWC cable tv service.

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