weather disruptions - DirecTV DVR

For weather disruptions, relating to DirecTV DVRs and receivers. I have a RCA Standard receiver, approximately four years old. My only problem is pixelation or "searching for signal" when it rains. I have checked my signal strength at these times and it is often 70-75 when I've got a black screen with the "searching for signal" message. We are in a very flat landscape with NO trees at all around us, so there is no chance of trees blowing across the signal field. I've called tech support, and they say this is "strange", but offered no help. It is getting to the point where we never know if we'll be able to watch T.V. during the winter!

We have the total choice package with east/west network feeds. I've noticed that some channels don't break up while other channels are disrupted by the smallest storm. For example, Food Channel (231) rarely breaks up while BBCAmerica (264) degrades with simple fog. Sometimes our east coast network channels are unwatchable while the west coast network channels are only slightly disrupted.

I've seen offers for dish covers on several Internet sights that are supposed to prevent "rain fade". I've also seen a product that you spray on your dish and LNB (?) that is supposed to prevent rain and snow from disrupting your picture. Is there some reason that DirecTV doesn't reference these they don't actually work or will cause worse problems? At this point, my husband wants to cancel our service because he says it is a waste of money when you never know if you are going to be able to watch (or worse, finish) a program.

I would also consider DirecTV's Internet service (DirectWay?) because there is no cable or DSL or any premium services available in our area, but I can't imagine how degraded an Internet signal would be if the TV signal is so easily disrupted.