weather radar difference in Beaumont TX - Time Warner TV

This question is about "weather radar difference in Beaumont TX", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. I still have the weather radar channel 212 in Beaumont TX. It would start out with a large view and cycle through to very local radar. The channel is still there, but now it jumps around to different spots around Texas- none of them Beaumont.

Obviously, Spectrum thinks this channel is useless, since it is only available here with the legacy TWC lineup. However, I like the classic radar. It's occasionally handy. I don't use a smartphone and I hate to boot a computer to look online. It's so easy to change a channel and watch storm progress promptly updated.

So, I'm asking for an official, accurate response from Spectrum. Is this change temporary, or is the radar never going to be local again?

This topic covered weather radar difference in Beaumont TX, and TWC cable tv service.

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