Do I still have to subscribe to cable and internet with a webgraber? Cus I'm thinking of getting rid of Time Warner.Have phone,TV and internet bundle.To expensive.Since I'm going to get free Wi-Fi.Will I be able to get free Tv?
Do you have a Webgrabber setup? Does it work? "Web grabber" is the name of software that saves a web page -- or even an entire web site -- in the form of a PDF file. There are open source web grabbers as well as very expensive commercial programs. But it sounded like you were talking about something else entirely, so I had to google it...

The Webgrabber is supposed to be a small WiFi antenna, with a 15' USB cord that connects to your computer, to give you "free internet" if you're within one mile of a hotspot. It's marketed right now by "Comptek," but Comptek apparently has at least a half dozen aliases. You can read about them here. The BBB has been swamped by complaints. I guess at one time they were marketing free TV, free phone service and free internet, all for $97!

The latest wrinkle seems to be marketing to seniors, taking the space out of "Web Grabber." and cutting the service down just to "free" internet. Can't find any reviews on this latest scheme, since it reportedly started about a month ago. Don't know how it can be free and cost $97 plus shipping at the same time, but hey! It's your money, right? If you want to be a guinea pig, be sure to let us know how it works out.

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This company has a semi-scam reputation that goes on and on. $97 For a small WiFi antenna is a rip-off. If you want to try your luck at being close enough to tag along on some one's unsecured WiFi signal there are lower priced options readily available.
$49 For Plastic coated bow tie TV antenna. The Clear Cast ad has been ran in the local news papers here a few times in the last two years. Same company. Same address. New name. I did find an online copy of one of their Clear Cast ads. This one looks like one written after they cleaned it up a bit from the original.
You will have to do some size adjusting to read that jpg ad.
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You know, they do have a knack for identifying real needs in the marketplace that could theoretically be patched. A legitimate company should come up with a better (directional) antenna, with decent software to provide some protection, and warnings to use a dedicated computer with absolutely no financial or other sensitive data on it. You could even pair it with a proprietary OS (maybe on a smart phone) for more protection.

You could have free TV, free phone and free internet, all for $97! Well, if you do it by yourself, it's going to be more like $200, and better get to a pay phone if you want to talk to your bank or whatever. Me, I couldn't live without eBay. :alien:

Come to think of it, there are powerful forces that drove the internet revolution, and they are only concerned with the financial aspects of it. So don't hold your breath waiting for the $97.00 deal.