Weird Channels?


Someone I know just recently got a converter box, and he says all of his channels are really weird. He recieves almost nothing he had before, and everything that he does have is sometimes in a different language.

Is there a solution to this?
There are different channels (sometimes extras, called 'Sub channels) in addition to your normal locals. that's one of the nicest advantages of DTV.

There may be some in different languages, or some may broadcast a different or more than one audio track, called 'SAP' (Second Audio Program). while most boxes have that option off by default, it may be on out of the box or it was inadvertently activated via the remote control, some of which have a button that triggers SAP on/off. try hitting that or going to the menu and turning it off and then turn off the box and then turn it back on. i don't know why but some don't remember that setting without being turned off then back on.


Some channels when you get a new TV are in Spanish or different languages. This might be the same issue with the converter box. Some things, no matter where you buy it, may have a random setting on them that causes them to seem "un normal" to you.


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Where's he at? California? I'd say a good 30-40% of the channels in L.A. are in another language, (ie Spanish, Asian). He should be receiving ABC, NBC, CBS too, but what city/state is he in?


Nope, Wisconsin. I am going to tell him soon to try and check the settings of his box. Maybe he didn't even think about tinkering with it after he got it. That sounds like him to do something like that too.