Question: Weird problem with channels dissapearing.


Hello all! This problem did not happen until I switched tv's out. I was using a Vizio 26" tv with no problem. I changed it to an RCA 32" model LED32830RQ. I use Optimum and my plan is by coaxial to the tv getting basic channels that they offer with it, phone and internet,if this matters.

The problem is that when I scan, it scans fine and I get the channels I am supposed to. But, the tv loses some of the channels after I turn it off and then turn it back on. Specifically, it goes from 7.3, ABC stations, to 13.1, which is PBS. I am in the NY area. Anyway, Channels in the 9's, 9.1 & 9.3 and 11's, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, disappear when the tv is turned off and then turned back on. These channels are WWOR, Buzzer, WPIX, Antenna, and THIS.

Really weird and frustrating. I have been searching the internet for this problem, but have come up with nothing. Anyone familiar with this at all?

Thank You!

Tom. :)

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:welcome: Tom

I have a similar problem with my Samsung (2014 model). I can't say definitively, but I suspect my tuner was designed to automatically erase scanned channels that are received with "too many" accumulated data errors. During the winter months, the channel I have problems with pixelates and blocks regularly and the tuner automatically removes it from its cache when I shut it off. It is very annoying and not a 'SMART TV' feature I want.


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