Weird problem with WNET


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So I've been helping a friend locally with his antenna.

This is his TV Fool:

TV Fool

He has a RadioShack VU75XR for UHF only and a Winegard YA1713 for high VHF. Same direction, connected to a CM7777 (YA1713 on the VHF input). The YA1713 is about 4ft below the radioshack antenna.

I was able to get a lock on WNET and MER is about 20dB without the amp. Signal is nice and flat on the spectrum analyzer.

Preamp in line, we go down to the TV and WNET does not lock. Well it kinda does, but has straight, blocky lines on the screen.

7 and 11 are fine.

Box is an insignia (DTT901).

Any ideas?

We're going to try putting the YA1713 on the top and maybe get a HLSJ as a FM trap. But the only strong FM nearby is WSUS on 102.3.

Also can he disconnect the VHF portion of the antenna and fold the elements to see if they are causing interaction?

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