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Hello Barry,

I can assure you the decisions on what channel WESH programming is broadcast on is made at the highest levels of our organization. We are aware of the limitations of the VHF channel assignments. Unfortunately, the new digital systems were already in place.

With the current efforts underway to repack the digital channels (National Broadband Plan), it is possible other broadcasters will be forced to return to the VHF band.

This uncertainty makes our group unlikely to spend millions of dollars on tower space, transmitters, lines and antennas to move channels.

We have had success with the Winegard GS-2200 sensar lll

Thank You,
Brian Darragh

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The fact that the station is on VHF-HI (11) is a handicap to your market. I get all of the stations major networks out of the Orlando market, but WESH's signal is the only unreliable signal. I sell and install lightweight amplified antennas in the area and the common complaint is the WESH signal. VHF signals require a much larger antenna that would also necessitate a heavier duty mounting installation. All this adds up to throwing a lot of money just to try to get that one station. There are many similar antennas to the one I sell, and they are nearly identical as far as reception goes. I do have many happy people using my antennas. I don't know if WESH can up their power, add a UHF translator towards the south, or completely changeover to UHF. My antenna in Micco, is only 15 ft off of the ground and I regularly scan from 57 to 62 channel/sub-channels in the Orlando direction only. VHF is at a disadvantage in comparison to UHF. I sent this to the engineering dept, but was not sure "to whom it may concern". Perhaps everyone. Thanks.
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Cable Cutter

This is hooey.

It is now 2017, there is likely no National Broadband Plan, and WESH's signal still sucks, and now it's not even carried by Dish.