West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Box Set on Blu-ray

That's right folks, the film version of West Side Story recently turned 50 years old. Today only, Amazon has a hot deal on the complete box set for $25.00 which comes in both Blu-ray and DVD formats.

The West Side Story was a film adaptation of the 1957 hit Broadway musical by the same name, and was not only a critical success, but won 10 academy awards; and was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

Based on a modernized version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the film was ground breaking when it was first released in movie theaters in 1961.

The compelling story of West Side Story: a battle between rival gangs; poor white teenagers vs immigrant Puerto Rican immigrants in New York. The music and dance that had been incorporated into the movie was less traditional than had been used in musicals for that time, featuring more modern numbers and dance moves. Plus, never before had a musical ended with deaths by the three lead male characters.

Although the movie featured an ensemble cast, many big name stars were approached or had auditioned for roles.

Elvis Presley was considered for the main role of Tony, but Colonel Tom Parker believed that the role was too violent. It has been noted that Elvis had an off screen romance with Natalie Wood three years earlier, which may have contributed to why the role was turned down as well.

Bobby Darin had auditioned, but due to time constraints, passed on the role. Tab Hunter and Burt Reynolds had also been considered but didn't make the cut due to being over 25 years old at the time.

West Side Story had it all in this timeless romantic musical, definitely an easy choice to add to your collection. The box set features 4 discs, with 152 minutes of run time in the digitally remastered film, a slew of special features, and an included CD of songs and music from the film.

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