WHAM! Netflix Raises its Price, Up 60%

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Netflix Raises Prices by 60 Percent, Sparks Social Media Outrage - AOL Small Business

From the article:

... "Faced with having to pay about $16 for separate streaming and DVD plans instead of the current $9.99 fee for both, some of Netflix's 22.3 milion U.S. customers took to social media outlets to vent their anger, while tech bloggers scratched their virtual heads and competitors reacted to the blood in the water." ...

... "Netflix also announced the new price plan on its Facebook page, sparking almost 20,000 comments by the end of the day. Comments included, "Great idea to kick the people while their [sic] down ... So much for customer satisfaction. Greedy, Greedy, Greedy," and "Can you even IMAGINE how much champagne was flowing at the Redbox/Hulu/Amazon offices today!? HA! Good for them!" ...

... "A Facebook page titled Cancel Netflix is proposing a movement to cancel Netflix services en masse on September 1, when the pricing change is set to go into effect." ...


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While an increase for Netflix is in order, due to the increasing cost of content, a 60% increase in the price of the "1-out plus streaming" plan is pretty harsh.

Jason Fritz

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Netflix needs to figure out how to combat the rampant sharing of accounts among subscribers and non-subscribers. Wonder how much that's eating into their revenue.