What Actor Gets You to the Theater


Movies make me smile; they entertain me; when they have good talent, I can't wait to get to the theaters to watch. Which performers get you to fork over your cash at the movie theaters these days?


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No one in today's world of entertainers. The last one who could do that was Patrick Swayze. If Michael Shanks were in something I'd go. Actually, I think he does have a part in this Red Riding Hood movie, but it's so not my style, that cable sounds better.


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Eh, not many actors or actresses... I might go see Hugh Jackman, but I'm not real big on movies in theaters. Its been almost a year since we went to the movies, it was our Valentine's date. We saw The Wolfman. I love werewolf movies, so I'm more likely to see them in a theater than see something just because of the lead actor/actress.


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Since I don't have to pay, it's just a question of whatever is on for me really. I'll watch most stuff, though I draw the line at Harry Potter and the current crop of girlie vampire movies. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....


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I loved the first 2 HP movies stav, I even skipped classes to watch the first one in theatres. The third was alright, but the 4th just bleh. I swear, I felt like throwing up while halfway watching it! Even the books kinda went downhill after the 5th one. And its not because of who died in that one, I think she lost her drive to make the stories good. She lost her muse, or something. I've read some fanfic that was better than the last couple books & seemed to go more along with what JKR had in mind at the beginning of the book series.

As for the girlie vampire movies, I totally agree! Those Twilight movies/books are about the most boring thing I've ever read & watched. Unfortunately, I have a 14 year old daughter who thinks they are all that & a bag of chips so I'm forced to suffer through them on a regular basis...


The movie must be interesting in the previews before I'll see a movie (when I have the money to go see one). I could get into any actor, but it's the movie that matters most. I wil not see a movie if the previews don't look interesting.